WEEK 4 (04-04/13-04)                                                                          

Free Time. It is Easter   

Almost everyone likes music. Though different people have different musical preferences, almost everyone likes one sort or another. Music is part of you. It can help to learn good pronunciation and a variety of new vocabulary because songs almost always contain authentic, natural language. Music with lyrics engages both sides of the brain so it becomes a powerful learning tool.  

So here you have a pair of web pages.         

Choose a song you like according to your level and fill in the gaps. Do not try to understand all the text at first. Focus your attention on the blanks you must complete. There, you have the translation and some vocabulary explanations.

This page has more things to learn English in a different way:

The second page is very intuitive and you can choose the right level too:

And you have an app for IOS and Android. It is free but you must register  LyricsTraining

There are more resources you can use at Easter:

n        -  Interactive Students of Burlington Books (you have the group code at your parents’ Papás mail)


LearnEnglish wants to support students who can't go to school at the moment. You can find tips and advice for learning at home.

n -     Duolingo has a webpage and app  for IOS and Android too

The followings are audio podcasts to practice oral skills and learn about grammar, vocabulary and culture: 

n    6 Minute English (BBC)

n    Inglespodcast

n    Diálogos en inglés 

n    Inglés 360 

n    The English We Speak (BBC)

If you have failed 2nd evaluation, you know you have a “PLAN DE TRABAJO” to work with. It was sent via Papás. Ask your parents.           

 Have a nice but different Easter!